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Jump Trading Office Design

Jump Trading Office Design Jump Trading Office Design Jump Trading Office Design

Jump Trading Office Design

Jump Trading Office Design Jump Trading Office Design

Behind The Design

In keeping with the established loft aesthetic, Jump Trading selected a historic turn of the century landmarked building in the heart of Manhattan overlooking Madison Square Park. The goal of the project was to replicate the same authentic culture of the Chicago office environment, but give it a pervasive New York attitude.

When exiting the building elevators and entering the space, visitors are greeted by a wall of black charred wood adorned with a glowing red neon sign. Rusted steel panels frame the adjacent conference room which draws attention with the long wood table and sculptural light fixture above. Further inside the space, the café becomes a popular destination for staff with places to sit, work and dine. A bold floor pattern provides contrast to the clean subway tile wall and colored plaster wall at each end. The stone island gives a home to the vintage light fixtures above. These shared gathering spaces benefit from the best views of the park to the south.

With a challenging dog-bone shaped floor plate and significant infrastructure requirements, the trading floor function was divided and placed at each side of the plan with a central collaborative conferencing area in between. Rooms are enclosed with large telescoping sliding glass and steel doors allowing privacy or complete openness. The weight of the doors provides a sense of permanence in the fast moving world of trading.

The raw materials of charred wood and rusted steel provide a counterpoint to the robust high technology and surrounding infrastructure of the operation. The end result is a warm exciting environment for Jump Trading to easily recruit and grow in a new market.

Design by:

Perkins + Will

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Location: New York, USA> See all offices in this country
Construction Year: 2013
Office Size: 15000 sq. ft.

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