The Workshop

The Workshop Offices Ideas The-Workshop-offices-with-a-slide-through-the-centre-by-Guy-Holloway_ss_16 The-Workshop-offices-with-a-slide-through-the-centre-by-Guy-Holloway_ss_21 The-Workshop-offices-with-a-slide-through-the-centre-by-Guy-Holloway_ss_13 The-Workshop-offices-with-a-slide-through-the-centre-by-Guy-Holloway_ss_14 The-Workshop-offices-with-a-slide-through-the-centre-by-Guy-Holloway_ss_20


The Workshop Offices by Guy Holloway Architects

Our Opinion

Guy Holloway Architects have used some creative idea to add touches of colour and a slide to create a modern office for The Workshop. We love the simple colour scheme and the inviting reception area.

Design by:

Guy Holloway Architects

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