Cisco Meraki

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Cisco Meraki Office Design by Studio O+A

Behind The Design

At the outset O+A surveyed Meraki’s employees to find out what they liked about their old, much smaller headquarters. A consensus emerged for natural light, plenty of collaboration space and preservation of the company’s tightly-knit culture. The size of the new space and the prominence of its floor-to-ceiling windows made collaboration and natural light relatively easy bills to fill. O+A’s design offers a variety of meeting spaces formal and informal, indoor and outdoor, many of them bathed in the crystalline light of San Francisco Bay. The scale and the light support both a rich palette of colors and design elements tailored to the broad canvas.

Design by:

Studio O + A

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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA> See all offices in this country
Construction Year: 2013

Photographs by:

Jasper Sanidad

Office Size: 110000 sq. ft.

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