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Diana Corp Ecommerce Agency Office Design.

Behind The Design

Diana Corp.’s head office, placed in the province of Padua surrounded by the beautiful Euganean Hills, was originally an ‘Opificio’ (a former shirt factory) which had been abandoned for years and was consequently furnished with visual stimulants and spaces designed purposely for sharing.

Diana Corp.’s creative director Margherita Silvestri personally supervised all the renovation work with a project addressed to blending ultra-modern and vintage elements and recycling old things in order to create new original pieces of furniture.

Careful attention was given to the reuse of materials for creating new furniture: parts of the desks and furniture in the conference rooms were made with old recycled pallets.

Other pieces of furniture were rescued from rubbish dumps and redesigned by inserting elements that gave them new life and all the door handles were made from the waste produced during the restoration of the building, such as electrical wires intertwined, and water faucet valves.

An interesting tidbit: the table in the bar, placed in the relaxation area, is an old pool’s diving board of the ’30s.

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Antonio Rasi Caldogno

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