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Heimstaden Office Design Malmo by Ideas AB

Behind The Design

Their new service center with 576sqm is located at the trendy Möllevångstorget in the center of Malmö. The facilities were in need of serious improvements to be modern, functional, welcoming and joyful. The foundation of this project had to be the graphical guidelines and values of Heimstaden.

The solution was a combination of a transparent working space and rooms of playfulness. To get more daylight in the environment all offices have glass walls from floor to ceiling. Acoustic plates where put pending down from the ceiling to get the proper sound environment. The choice of armature was of the essence of the light settings, the feeling should be creative without losing focus of functionality. A unique 150 cm in diameter pendant lamp, designed by Ideas, made from steel and old keys was placed in the center of the ceiling. Using only black and white for the interior, warm colors where used in the furniture.  For the kitchen, an actual container in red was places in the heart of the office, a natural get-together point in a mix of modernity and industrialism. Several meeting rooms in different sizes were created for their right use. Smaller rooms for more private meetings and larger ones with all modern technology that is needed for today’s communication. Furniture for storing and worktables are designed by Ideas.

Design by:

Ideas AB

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Location: Malmö, Sweden> See all offices in this country
Construction Year: 2013

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