Clear2C Professional Frames

Why is it we look to frame an image?  It may be a special family portrait, a wonderful memory of places visited, or a beautiful painting or architectural design. Whatever the reason for framing a picture the perfect image deserves the perfect picture frame.  A frame can be made to blend in with its surroundings or stand out to create a more impactful picture.  For some the traditional wooden picture frame fills the need for those wanting the traditional look, whereas for many an acrylic picture frame can provide a picture contrast against the traditional surroundings or to be the perfect partner and often the only choice to fit in with modern imagery and modern decor.

If you are looking to deliver a crisp modern and sleek look the Clear2C Professional photo frames range of picture frames are highly recommended.  The sleek lines, flush fronted profile, and high gloss acrylic combine to balance perfectly with the framed imagery. Flush to the wall, fitting by way of hidden fittings on the back of the frame ensure the frame hugs the wall surface.

Framing your images and changing the images cant be any easier as the magnetic door on the back of the frame is easy to open, insert your image, and close again. Whether its framing paintings, portraits, or architectural framing, you want the best.  Clear2c Professional frames provide the perfect framing solution.

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