About Office Design Gallery

Office Design Gallery is here to bring you a collection of office design from around the globe. From the home office to the enterprise, our environment affects the way we work. And now you have a resource to turn to when you are looking at how to design the office you work in. It could be a small change to your personal work area or a complete office re design, this is the place to start.

If any of the pictures on this site appear to be linked to the wrong companies, designers or sources please drop us an email and we will rectify this where possible. If you are representative of any of the companies or the photgrapher presented on this site and would like your images removed please email us.

Are we missing a great office? If so please drop us an email with the company name, a few photos (or web address where we can find them) and we will get them listed as soon as we can.  Send your mail to this email address.

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