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Denstu London Office DesignDenstu London Office DesignDenstu London Office DesignDenstu London Office DesignDenstu London Office Design

Behind The Design

From a strategic perspective, the top floor penthouse space provided an ideal main boardroom and consequentially we located the main reception area on the 5th floor to simplify the client journey and provide space for Dentsu Europe. The 4th floor was retained as the main creative studio hub, while Attik have their own space on the third floor, which includes an exhibition space and padded meeting room, along with a shared canteen and library space. The decision to locate these shared facilities adjacent to the Attik team was to encourage social engagement and speed up integration of the businesses.

We developed a scheme that took inspiration from sources as disparate as Star Trek, Spitfires, Buckminster Fuller and Eriko Horiki’s massive paper sculptures and followed a neutral pallet with mostly white and grey interspersed with the vibrant green used in the floor finishes of the building’s common parts. The existing building is very energy efficient and utilises a chilled beam AC system with integral low energy lighting, so there was a conscious decision to have everyone working in an open plan, agile way so there were no offices and only the bare minimum of closed meeting rooms. The 4th floor studio space has a fantastic energy and creative buzz with freestanding pods for collaborative brainstorming.

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Dentsu London

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Essentia Designs

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Construction Year: 2010
Office Size: 12000 sq. ft.