Surfrider Foundation

surfrider-foundation-gardera-d-architecture_surfrider_fondation_offices3-1000x666 Surfrider Foundation Office Design surfrider-foundation-gardera-d-architecture_surfrider_fondation_offices2-1000x666 surfrider-foundation-gardera-d-architecture_surfrider_fondation_offices-666x1000

Surfrider Foundation Office Design by Gardera-D Architecture

Behind The Design

The ‘wave’ structure dominates the interior not only by size but by design as well.  This technical element is made from a highly performing layering of sandwich composite wood panels, usually found in transportation construction mainly in the boat and train industry.  The properties of this material allow for maximum treatment in terms of resolving significant acoustic issues such as insulation and absorption.

Design by:

Gardera-D Architecture

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Photographs by:

Mathieu Choiselat

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