Studio Heldergroen

studio_office_design_1 studio_office_design_2 Studio Heldergroen Office Design With Raising Desks

Studio Heldergroen Office Space Design by ZECC

Our Opinion

ZECC have created a multi use office space for Studio Heldergroen. The ability to raise and lower the desks and move all other furniture to the exterior walls is an ingenious idea that makes it easy to change from a conventional office to a training or exhibition space.

Behind The Design

Three tables can be hoisted individually, which makes sure the space can be used flexible in daytimes and anticipates on several occupancies. The most offices are used only 40 hours a week, but in the interior of studio Heldergroen the possibilities for evening and weekend activities are considerably increased: Tables being pulled up in the evening creates the possibility to let out the space for all kinds of different inspiring initiatives: from trading lady clothing to biological wine tasting. Besides the new possible activities, the hoisted tables also provides the ideal burgling prevention.

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