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Sketch Studios Office Design Sketch Studios Office Design Sketch Studios Office Design Sketch Studios Office Design

Sketch Studios Office Design

Sketch Studios Office Design Sketch Studios Office Design Sketch Studios Office Design

Behind The Design

Sketch Studios, known for providing office furniture solutions and relocation management, has transformed its own logistics and operations office into an exciting, modern workspace that is a far cry from the typical office. Affectionately known as ‘The Shed’, the Colnbrook warehouse near Heathrow comes complete with garden tools, a graffiti staircase and fully stocked tuck shop.

Sketch Studios wanted to create a new space to accommodate its expanding team and encourage greater levels of teamwork, whilst reflecting the brand’s personality. Working closely together, the Sketch Studios design teams embraced ‘The Shed’ ethos with quirky features incorporated, including a wooden shed entrance complete with gardening tools and potted shrubbery. There is also a showcase wall featuring a hand-picked ‘happy picture’, a graffiti covered staircase and a well-stocked tuck shop, designed to provide the team with that all important energy boost.

Typical of a logistics warehouse which manages furniture installations and stores/archives for clients, pre-transformation, the Sketch Studios warehouse had basic industrial features and a relatively bland colour scheme. As a company which encourages its own clients to invest in striking and effective interiors, Sketch felt it was time to turn the tables on its own environment

As part of the re-design, Sketch has used bright, engaging furniture and walls for a more inspirational space. This reflects the ethos of the company which is based on the simple idea that a company’s biggest asset is its people. By ensuring employees are relaxed, comfortable and energised, results in the highest levels of productivity and ensures a happy and positive working environment.

Justin Bass, Managing Director at Sketch Studios, comments: “We have managed to move from a basic, uncomfortable warehouse shell that wasn’t particularly loved, to an exciting space where people actually want to work. We are now the greatest advocate for our own brand and showcase what we want to achieve for our clients. It was a great combined effort from Sketch Studios and sister company Cube Interior Solutions and demonstrates how the two arms of the business can collaborate on different projects, resulting in a dynamic and impressive work space which in turn fosters creativity and positivity.”

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Sketch Studios

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Construction Year: 2014

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